Monday, July 26, 2010

Floaters: Pharmaceutical Test Sketch

So it's been over a year since we shot Cooking with Cody LIVE and we've actually made a lot of head way on sketches in quantity, quality and prestige. The most recent one we shot yesterday was shot with 16 cast members at a location that was not a friend's apartment or house. There was catered lunch and a budget for props and wardrobe that was graciously given to us by I feel that everyone's performances were strong and the sketch itself will be fun to watch. It took a while to shoot, but I do believe that the work we had ahead of us would have taken anyone else 2 days. I was in it for a split second, just like everyone else (hint) and I was one of the non-funny parts which makes me envious of everyone else. So I hope to see the finished product soon, and if you're interested in seeing a preview of it let me know and I'll see what I can do. Although Cracked has to approve it before anyone else sees it. Which makes me feel like a big shot. So now I'm going to go wipe my ass with a 100 dollar bill and then use said bill at a Chinese Buffet Restaurant.