Friday, November 28, 2008

Syrup Poster

This is the Poster I made to the short film that I also starred in. For further info, please leave a comment


Star Wars Reunion

Mushroom Man

No, he is not drug-related.

A Little Creepy

This was a commission that I did at Akon this year. I felt a little dirty. But the money was right.

Toddler He-Man and Skeletor

What's on the Hanger today?


Rotating Face

Hughes Sketch

Samurai Mech Suit

Robot Musashi

Toaster Flight

Cyber Samurai Painting Practice

Dracula: You have a little something on your face

Indiana Jones finds his car keys

Hugo The One Eyed Warrior

I'm updating crap that was drawn about a year ago. I've been inspired/threatened by my good friend Trish

So enjoy the crapulence.